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Grant Awards

Research Network on Children’s Mental Health (with UCLA) Funder: MacArthur Foundation Total: $5,000,000
Testing EBP and Organization Effects in Rural Appalachia Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $4,300,000
Organizational Context and Children’s Mental Health in Urban After School Programs (with UIC) Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $4,138,114
Improving Family to Family Services in Children’s Mental Health (with NYU) Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $3,551,099
Technology and Structure in Children’s Service Systems Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $3,500,000
Testing an Organizational Implementation Strategy in Children’s Mental Health Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $3,170,520
Children’s Mental Health Services Research Center Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $3,000,000
HIV/AIDS Primary Prevention Program with Caribbean Young Adults Funder: SAMSHA Total: $2,214,087
Implementing and Sustaining Evidence-Based Practice using the ChildSTEPs Model (with Harvard University) Funder: MacArthur Foundation Total: $2,000,000
Center for the Study of Schools as a Context for Urban Children’s Mental Health (with UIC) Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $1,882,155
HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse Primary Prevention in Minority Adolescents Funder: SAMSHA Total: $1,676,662
Testing the ARC Organizational Intervention Strategy for Community and School-based Youth Service Programs Funder: W.T. Grant Foundation Total: $1,483,573
E-therapy Screening and Interventions for Vulnerable young Adults with Co-morbidity Funder: SAMSHA Total: $1,200,000
Using Computers in Campus Screening & Brief Interventions of Substance Abuse Funder: SAMSHA Total: $1,143,9300
The Tennessee Residential Treatment Program for Pregnant and Postpartum Women Funder: SAMSHA Total: $1,042,603
Predicting Foster Child Mental Health Funder: The Casey Family Program Total: $1,000,221

Tennessee’s Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Health Professions Student Training Funder: SAMSHA Total: $906,314
The East Tennessee Assertive Adolescent Family Treatment Program Funder: SAMSHA Total: $896,927
The Expanded Care Coordination through the Use of Health Information Technology in Rural Tennessee Funder: SAMSHA Total: $834,500
Service Participation by Families of Maltreated Children Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $692,509
Schools as Context for Mental Health: Interdisciplinary Networks Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $602,658
Children Referred to Juvenile and Family Court in East Tennessee Funder: State of Tennessee/Bureau of TennCare Total: $506,000
The Direct, Indirect and Moderating Effects of Organizational Climate in Child Welfare Agencies Funder: W.T. Foundation Total: $ 150,000
Short form Assessment for Children: Feasibility Study Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $143,000
Effects of Economic Pressure on Family Well-Being Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: Total: $143,000
Leadership Education Excellence in Caring for Children with Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities Funder: Vanderbilt University Total: $134,082
Using New Media to Reach African American and Hispanic/Latino MSM Funder: SAMSHA Total: $125,000
Children’s Mental Health Services Research Center, Supplement for Underrepresented Minorities Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $124,440
Efficacy of a Geriatric Inter-Disciplinary Mental Health Team in a Community Mental Health Center Setting Funder: Hartford Scholar’s Program Total: $100,000

Understanding the Impact of Organizational Implementation Strategies on EBT Use Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $99,226
Linking Science and Practice to Improve Youth Mental Health Care Funder: MacArthur Foundation Total: $95,000
An Evaluation of Pipeline Programs for Certified Nursing Assistants Funder: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Total: $75,000
Increasing Aging Content in Social Work Education Funder: Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education – Hartford, Total: $60,000
The Organizational Culture and Climate of Nursing Home Funder: NIH/NIMH Total: $50,000
Health Literacy and Medication Adherence in Breast Cancer Survivors Funder: American Cancer Society, Inc. Total: $40,000
A Randomized Study of Self Advocacy Training for Minority and Underserved Breast Cancer Survivors Funder: New York Community Trust Total: $40,000
Distress Screening and Traumatic Stress in Oncology Social Work Funder: American Cancer Society Total: $40,000
Metropolitan Community AIDS Network (MetroCan) Evaluation Funder: Metropolitan Interdenominational Church Total: $35,000
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Child Welfare in Cuyahoga County, Ohio Funder: Case Western Reserve University Total: $28,439
Gang Prevention Through Targeted Outreach Mentoring Program Funder: Boys & Girls Clubs of TN Valley Total: $25,250
Disparities in Expenditures – Recently Arrived Older Immigrants Funder: Gerontological Society of America Hartford Fund Total: $25,000
Establishing National Child Welfare Agency Norms for the OSC Measurement System Funder: W.T. Grant Foundation Total: $24,904
Contextual Effects of Community Characteristics on Health Care Behaviors among Older Foreign-born Individuals Funder: Lois & Silberman Fund NYCT Total: $19,900
Collaborative Research Partnership Funder: Alcohol & Drug Council of Middle Tennessee, Inc., NPP, UTCSW Total: $15,150
Examining Organizational Social Context and Technology Diffusion Among Homeless Service Providers Funder: HUD Early Doctoral Student Research Grant Total: $15,00
Access to Healthcare among Asian Subgroups in the U.S. Funder: FAHS-BECK Fund, New York Community Trust Total: $13,000
HIV/AIDS Primary Prevention Program for Caribbean Adolescent Funder: Until There’s a Cure Foundation Total: $10,000
Neglectful Parenting in the Community Funder: Mruz Family Foundation Total: $5,000
Assisted Living Facilities, Homes for the Aged: Administrator’s Perceptions of and Facility Response to Residents’ Mental Health Funder: Commission on Aging Total: $3,705
Neglectful Parenting in the Community Funder: Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Total: $1,500

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