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Research on Depression

Dr. Uma Rao, who has conducted research on mood disorders for over 20 years, leads the center’s work on depression. Her primary area of interest is adolescent depressive disorder during the developmental transition to adulthood. Three themes emerge from this research:

  1. Longitudinal clinical course of early-onset depression, and the impact of this disorder on adult emotional and social adjustment.
  2. Predictors of differential longitudinal course, including clinical, neurobiological psychosocial (e.g., self-efficacy, temperament, environmental stress and social support) processes.
  3. Developmental and ethnic influences on the phenomenology and neurobiological processes associated with mood disorders.

The long-term goals of her research program are to develop and test more specific and effective preventive and treatment interventions for early-onset mood disorders, and thereby assist at-risk youth to achieve their full potential as adults.

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